The Circus of Pain is in Town, And YOU'RE Invited

Let me tell you a little bit about the blue demon you see before you. This guy’s a Water-type. And, much like just about every generation before it, the Water starter is the best one. (Squirtle and Mudkip are Gods among PokéMen.) Not only that, but right off the bat you have a cute little seal dude that can use Surf in a game that takes place in an island chain. The home field advantage is strong.

Take a look at its design. That nose? That looks like a Paggliacci-esque clown hat stuck on the front of its face. And that fashionable clown neck ruffle? That’s its skin. This charismatic beast of blubber and death has his fashion sense baked in.

And his final evolution? Man, it might be some kind of crazy scary clown seal that will make Tim Curry’s It look like Krusty the Clown. By the end of the generation everyone not on the Popplio train will be given a case of coulrophobia and swimmer’s ear.

So don’t get clowned on this generation. Get on the Popplio Hype (Circus) Train and ride it to victory.

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Afro's Thoughts

Yay! Now this is what I call a starter! Seel may not look like much but you know what he looks like to me? Potential, he's cute and just like Piplup, by end game you're gonna have a powerhouse! I don't know what it is about this little guy but I love him!