Team Litten Indifferently Burns The Competition

Coming in at one foot and four inches tall and weighing in at nine and a half pounds, the Fire Cat Pokémon is clearly a force to be reckoned with. This adorable little blazeball uses absolutely everything at its disposal to its advantage. It’s oily, flammable fur collects in its stomach as it cleans itself, which is later used to shoot fiery hairballs at its opponents. Litten, just like a real cat, keeps its emotions on the inside, always showing a cool exterior and remaining level-headed.

Normally, I’d pick a Water-type starter, but Litten has me won over by a long shot. I love cats, and Litten has already proved that it is clearly the most superior cat Pokémon to ever exist by channeling that nonchalant attitude present in almost every feline I’ve ever met. Every other cat Pokémon to come before it is simply a disappointment compared to my new fiery friend.

If you agree with me, make sure to let us know why Litten is clearly better than Rowlet and Popplio, and remember to keep an eye out for Litten’s red hot debut in Pokémon Sun and Moon, releasing November 18, 2016!

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Afro's Thought

Reak talk guys, some of you may know this was copy pasted from a Nintendo forum and these aren't my actual feelings. To tell you the truth I thought this was the weakest Starter if the bunch, but please let me explain! The cat fire Pokemon is nothing new, in all honesty this looks like Glameow's long lost cousin. Litten has a nice design though, and I can't see what it turns out to be. I just didn't think the most of this kitten. (Also it's pretty edgy)