Rowlet (Mokuroh in Japanese) is a Grass/Flying type Pokémon. It's evolutions are currently unknown.


Rowlet is a Pokémon based on a young owl, so it is imaginably spherical. It has razor-sharp leaves for feathers, and it can turn it's head around 360 degrees. It appears to be a Barn Owl, but only it's evolutions will tell us more. It wears two leaves on it's chest, which resemble a bow tie.


Being a starter in the Alola Region, which is based on Hawaii, Rowlet is likely based on a Pueo (Asio flammeus sandwichensis), which is one of the most famous physical forms of 'aumākua (ancestral spirits) in Hawaiian culture. It is also likely based on a coconut drupe, which comes from a coconut palm. This plant and it's drupe are a staple of Hawaii (although they actually originated in the India-Indionesia region.) It's name appears to be a combination of Owlet (The name for a baby owl) and some other word that starts with R. This could be Round, Roulette, or maybe even Rowan.

Attacks and Stats

  • Leafage is the only move currently known to be used by Rowlet.